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Cynthia Powers
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Cynthia Powers
Just ask for Agent Powers for your home in the pines!

Just ask for Agent Powers!

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Right now you’re probably thumbing through listings of dream homes, glancing by the faces of friendly agents, reading the historical details about years of industry experience and wondering…. Who is going to work for ME? Since I understand that time and attention are short here’s a few key points about me as a person, as a professional and what I hope to bring to you as your agent!

*I’m a mother of 2 fabulous adults that have blessed me with 2 amazing grand babies, when they say “if I knew how fun it was to be a grandparent I would have done that first”…they weren’t kidding.

* I have an amazing partner in crime that has put up with me for longer than he probably realizes, he makes me laugh, keeps me grounded and puts up my shenanigans.

* I believe in good energy, good karma and optimism. Sometimes life can be challenging but how we handle those challenges sets us apart.

* I volunteer because it’s good for the soul and I will always try to help a friend, or an animal in need.

* I became a Real Estate Agent because I love helping others finding the right solutions that fit their needs, to be the agent that will really work for them and the happiness that comes from the adventure of the home buying process!

* It is my desire to be your advocate, your confidant, your liaison and your partner. I’m here for YOU.

* I work a lot, I love a lot and I enjoy my life. I hope that when it’s time for you to consider an agent to walk you through one of the greatest adventures in your life you decide to call me.


I believe that actions speak louder than words. These are some professional references provided on my behalf from some amazing individuals that I have crossed paths with over time. Not only am I honored to have these people in my life, I am humbled by their words.

Amy Adams – Director of Sales, Dimension 9 Gift Division
.. In my many years of sales and administration; I have never worked and respected any one more than Cynthia and I would highly recommend Cynthia not only for her outstanding job skills, but her compassion, sense of humor, and above all her motivation to get the jobs done and to help anyone that needs a shoulder and a gentle push. Her staff adores her as I do with good reason!

Greg Johnson – Vice President at SWIBCO
.. Cynthia has been nothing short of the picture of efficiency and results. As she has handled multiple aspects of our business, she has always done so with the utmost precision and dedication, and a fierce determination to do it all perfectly.
Her operational insight, problem solving capabilities, and finite attention to detail consistently places Laser Gifts in the best possible light.
Cynthia has a tremendously loyal group, and she receives this loyalty and dedication, as she treats everyone with the utmost respect, and they in turn will run through walls for her.
In my 23 years in this business, Cynthia sits head and shoulders above any other I’ve worked with in an Operational capacity

Kip Zsupnik, Jr – President / COO Amusemints
..Cynthia is a detail oriented manager with amazing energy and desire to be successful. During her tenure at LaserGifts she has managed the business operations through substantial growth periods. When others said “it can’t be done”, Cynthia made it happen! Her willingness to find new and innovative ways to handle order processing, customer service, marketing, and sales support is truly refreshing. She is an “A” player on a very successful team


I believe that contributing to a greater good, doing something for someone else and building relationships based on healthy activities is one of the keys to a happy life. I support Education, Outdoor recreation and anything to do with our four legged furry friends.

NCAT – Northpoint Community Action Team
President 2013/14, Treasurer/Secretary 2012/13, Crew Parent 2010 – 2014
Member of the Board 2012/13, 2013/14
Northpoint Communication Action Team – Student, Teacher & Parent Organization
Developed fundraising and planning for school events including Prom, Spirit month, community school opening event, scholarship funds for school activities and equipment. International Travel fundraising for students traveling to Germany. Farmers Marketing Project for Germany travel – vendor agreements, floor planning, setups and communications to vendors.

Prescott Trail Riders
Secretary/Treasurer January 2016 – Present
Prescott Trail Riders is motorized trail riding group that was formed in 2014. In one year, it grew to over 100 members! Located in central Arizona, where the riding is 4000 – 7000 ft and year round, it’s an amazing club full of men, women, kids and dogs! We are a non-profit group that works closely with the Forest Service on volunteer projects to ensure the maintenance and retention of our recreational assets.

It is my desire to be your advocate, your confidant, your liaison and your partner. I hope that when it’s time for you to consider an agent to walk you through one of the greatest adventures in your life you decide to call me. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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